T-shirts and Hoodies OH MY! 2nd try!

OH..oh oh.....I am so sorry, I guess the first email the buttons did not work.  SO!  Let's try it again!

Guess what Barracuda families? Our team shirts were a HIT! If your swimmer hasn't gotten their FREE shirt please check with someone on the board. They are in the pool house. If you are regretting not picking up some of these awesome shirts for your whole family you will have one final chance. We have arranged to do one final printing. We will do t-shirts (these will only be with front printing) for $10 and HOODIES for $20. You have less that 48 hours to pull the trigger on this. Our order must go in Friday by noon to have a delivery next Friday. To order use the buttons below for your convenience. Any questions feel free to text Kira at 801-571-9312. GO BARRACUDAS!!



Thank you for being patient! 2nd time is a charm?

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