Afternoon Practices

It's time to get the 2019 season started!!!  

Date: June 3rd

Time: 4:30 PM

Location: Applewood Park

What to bring:  tennis shoes, shorts, tshirt, water bottle for land practice, swim suit, goggles, towels, and cap (optional) for pool practice. 

June 3rd ONLY is a 2 hour practice!  

From Coach Carl:

Monday, June 3rd:

  1. 2-1 hour practices
  2. 1 hr in the pool, 1 hour dryland.
  3. Last name that starts with A-J will be in the pool first (4:30-5:30) with dryland coming right after (5:30-6:30)
  4. Last name that starts with K-Z will be doing dryland first (4:30-5:30) followed by pool time (5:30-6:30)

Kit will be at the pool at 4:00 PM to collect pool pass money.  Please print and fill out the pool pass form before practice I have you time and get your swimmer involved in practices.  Once you have paid for swim team dues, AAU membership AND your pool pass, you will be issued a green wrist band for each swimmer to wear on their wrists.  These wrist band will show each coach that they are ready to participate in practices. 

If you need to pay your swim dues. Look for that sign

If you need to purchase your AAU membership. Look for that sign

If you need to purchase your Pool pass.  Look for that sign

If you don't know where to start.  Look for that sign. 

Remember that swimmers will not be allowed to participate in either practice until all is purchased and they have a green wrist band.  Thank you for understanding.

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