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2018 Parent Information

Welcome to the 2019 season of summer swimming! Our team is run by a parent volunteer board.  They are President: Kirsten Anderson, Co-Vice Presidents: Elise Cardenas and Sabin Hogue, Executive Secretary: Teresa Scott, Treasurer: Michelle Lara, Team Managers: Dyann Parker, Julie Clark, and Robin Day Fundraising Manager: Sarah Miles, Apparel Manager: Kira Palmer, Concessions Managers: Raime Mullinnex and Nancy Miles and past President Cindy Smith. 

Our coaches are Head Coach: Carl Scott, Assistant Coaches: Jordyn Hilton, Joshua Montgomery, and Cadin Hogue.

The #1 goal for the Barracudas is to be good citizens and great sportsmen/woman.

Parents are NOT allowed on the pool deck during practices (except Board members carrying on swim team business/duties) Parents are more than welcome to stand/sit outside the fence surrounding the pool to observe.

Swim Apparel

  • Our team colors are Navy Blue and Gold. Suits can be purchased at Big 5, Dick's Sporting Goods, or online at www.swimoutliet.com or www.swim2000.com
  • Girls-racing style suits are best (no 2 piece suits please, one piece only)
  • Boys-Jammers (no briefs please)
  • Suit care-DO NOT wash suits in detergents/soaps.  Soak in clean, COLD water and then hang to dry.
  • Swim caps and goggles are a good idea, but optional.
Practices Starting June 3rd
  • Weekdays, 4:30-5: 30 pm (6:30 pm?) thru June 14th
    • Bring water bottles for swimmers (hydrate!)
    • Snack for the ride home
  • June 13th 1st swim meet of the season against the Sunnyside Sharks
  • June 17th 1st AM PRACTICE 7:45 am 1st session and 9:30 am 2nd session
Starting on June 17th, morning practices will begin -every Mon-Fri. Even on days we have a meet or a BYE
  • 7:45-9:30 am-experienced swim team swimmers
  • 9:30-10:30 new swim team members/less experienced swimmers 
    • the very young will practice in the wading area of the pool
    • swimmers a little older swim in lanes based on ability.  Those who cannot swim end-to-end swim in a lane next to a wall.
Signing up for meets
Meets are NOT mandatory, but the experience is invaluable.  Beginning swimmers usually compete at home meets only or the shorter course away meets.  Ask Coach Carl if you are uncertain whether your swimmer is ready for meets.
Swimmers must be signed up to compete by 10:30 AM the DAY OF THE MEET (right after 2nd practice).  This can be done on our website - www.nachesbarracudas.swimtopia.com Sign in using the username and password you set when you registered and then click on the Swim Meet tab.  Click on the MEET ENTRY TAB across from the date of the meet and state whether or not your swimmer is competing.  Parents need to sign up for volunteering opportunities at home meets on our website.
Swimmers need to be at meets by 5:45 pm for warm-ups, meets begin at 6:30 pm.  Swimmers DO need to be at the meets before the meet begins and they DO need to check in with Coach Carl upon arrival.
There are 6 home meets and 6 away meets.  Only attendance requirements in our League is that if a swimmer wants to participate in the CHAMPS meet at the end of the season he/she must compete in 6 of the 12 meets held during the season, AAU Regionals weekend meet does not count in the 6 meets needed for participation.
Comparison of pool sizes:                8&U             9yrs & up
Naches                   25 yards             25 yards       50 yards/200 yards IM
Selah                      25 yards             25 yards       50 yards/200 yard IM
Grandview              40 yards             40 yards       40 yards/160 yard IM
Toppenish              50 meters           50 meters     50 meters/200 meter IM
Sunnyside              50 meters           50 meters     50 meters/200 meter IM
Prosser                  25 yards             25 yards        50 yards/200 yard IM
Othello(6 lane pool)25 yards          25 yards          50 yard/200 yard IM
*Swimmers 9yrs of age and above swim both lengths of the pool in an event where 8 & Under only swim one length.  The IM (individual Medley) is an event where 1 swimmer swims one/two lengths of the pool in Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle.
Order of events at a meet:
  1. Medley Relay (9yrs and up, coaches choice)
  2. Butterfly
  3. Breaststroke
  4. Backstroke
  5. Freestyle
  6. Freestyle Relay (9yrs and up, Coaches choice)
  7. IM (9yrs and up, Coaches Choice)
Age Categories: 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18
8 and under DO NOT participate in relays or IM
15-16 and 17-18 are combined for relays (15-18)
At meets, there will be designated areas for swim team families to hang out together. For the Barracudas it's out in the grassy area.  At pools with larger decks, the swimmers will be set up on the deck together (no parents allowed on deck) - it is possible for parents to set up on the other side of the fence from their swimmer(s).
For away meets especially, bring umbrellas or canopies for shade. Pack for cold temperatures for swim meets (believe it or not).  Bring a towel for every one or two events your swimmer participates in.  Swimmers should have sweats or a bathrobe to wear over their suit between events to stay warm.  Bring sleeping bags/blankets for your swimmer to sit on/in.  Healthy snacks/water are important at swim meets.  A snack to eat after every event is great.
This area is VITAL for the Naches Barracudas Swim Team. Our home meets are completely run by volunteers and it takes a lot of people to run a meet.
The best place for new/inexperienced parents/guardians to volunteer is timing.  It is also the best seat in the house.  Parents are not allowed on deck unless they are volunteering in some capacity for the meet.  Please know that due to insurance liability that we cannot allow parents on the deck with a baby in a pouch/carrier.  There is a need for 3 timers per lane.  One of those 3 timers in a designated writer.  Highly recommended that an experienced person be the writer.
For those who are computer savvy, we have a need for parents to shadow Michelle at the computer (one parent per meet is probably all we have room for).  Swimmers times are entered into the computer as the meet transpires and stickers are printed out to go on the back of ribbons for those who place.
Other areas to volunteer:
  • Sorter
  • Runners
  • Place Pickers
  • Heat Ribbon awards
  • Stagers
  • Concessions
  • Caller/Announcer
  • Tear down/set up
  • Starter/meet referee (must attend a training)
  • Whistle blower (must attend a training)
  • Stroke Judges (must attend a training)
Wear comfy shoes, bring a sweatshirt, and prepare to get wet...
Other teams in the League have had a lot of difficulty with getting parents to volunteer so we are incredibly thankful for our Barracuda volunteer spirit.  We hope to never have to do this, but other teams have had to charge an additional $50-$100 per family that is refundable if families fulfill volunteer requirements.
Parking at home meets-please park on the hill that comes down from the High School if you can.  Please do not park in front of driveways.  Be a good neighbor. :)

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