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Survival for Swim meets

The following age groups are intended to provide swimmers competition within their own peer group:

8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18

Swim Meet Survival Guide


All swimmers must sign up to compete in each swim meet.  All swimmers are expected to be signed up by 10:30 am (end of 2nd practice) the day OF the swim meet.  The exceptions are Regionals and Champs.  Those entries must be in BEFORE the event happens.  (Regionals and Champs are not required meets and do require extra fees). 

Our swim meets are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  All team warm ups start at 5:45PM promptly.  Please insure your swimmer is on deck and ready to swim at 6pm.  Warm ups last for approximately 30 minutes.

Your athlete will be entered in all individual swim events so they will swim all four strokes- Breaststroke, Butterfly, Backstroke, and Freestyle. There are SOME exceptions to this rule.  IF your swimmer has ONLY learned freestyle, your swimmer will only swim freestyle. IF YOUR SWIMMER IS AGED 9 and UP, THEY ARE TO SWIM ALL 4 individual races.  The more time in the water the better their strokes will become.  Coach Scott will assign them to relay and IM (Individual Medley) races. If your swimmer would like to participate in one of these races let Coach Scott know and he will let the swimmer know, yes or no.

The length of races is based off of age group.  All 8 and under will swim 1 length of the pool.  ALL other swimmers will swim 2 lengths of the pool.  (there are some pools where we compete that have longer pools, which will change the length from 2 lengths to 1 for all other swimmers). 

The IM (Individual Medley) is all four strokes swam in one race by one swimmer.  The order of strokes is Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle.  There are 2 relay races, the medley relay and the freestyle relay.  The Medley Relay is similar to the IM, but instead of 1 swimmer doing all 4 strokes, 4 different swimmers will each swim a different stroke.  The Freestyle Relay is 4 swimmers each swimming Freestyle. ALL of these races Coach will choose the swimmers.  Please understand that not ALL swimmers will get to participate in them.  BUT IF YOUR SWIMMER is picked to be in one of these races please make sure that YOUR SWIMMER STAYS to compete.  It is not fair to the rest of the relay team if someone decides to leave early.  While swimming is primarily an individual sport, we are still a team, and need to be team players.  You wouldn't leave in the 9th inning of a baseball game would you?

Helpful Hint #1

All swimmers should check in with Coach Scott before warm ups begin.  It is important to show up to warm ups before they actually start.  If a swimmer misses any portion of warm ups, their performance for that meet will be compromised.  If you are early or on time that allows your child to have time to talk with Coach Scott and feel comfortable about the meet.  If a swimmer comes onto the pool deck in the middle of warm ups, they will be rushed and not have the time to communicate about the meet with Coach Scott.  SHOW UP ON TIME!

Helpful Hint #2

Often times swimmers say they will swim at a meet and then are unable to do so for any number of reasons. We understand that things come up, but  PLEASE out of respect for your team, teammates, and coaches, PLEASE let Coach Scott know ASAP!  If he has entered your swimmer into a Relay, he will have to find a replacement or scratch that event entirely.  All swimmers will need to have their entries for each meet (except Regionals and Champs) turned in by 10:30 the day of the meet.

Helpful Hint #3

When you first arrive at the meet look for the team.  We usually try to stake out an area big enough for all of us to sit together.  ALL swimmers are responsible for getting to their races on time.

Helpful Hint #4

We are a small (but mighty) team.  Please be sure you are signed up to volunteer at each HOME meet.  There are lots of jobs that are needing tending to in order for these meets to be successful for ALL OUR children.  We need timers, runners, callers, stroke judges, stagers, concessions help, ribbons, set up (moving benches, chairs, tables, etc), tear down (the park, pool deck, and pool house has to be CLEAN including ALL garbages emptied, along with putting away chairs, tables, benches etc.)  We all have kids, we all want to watch them swim, we all want to go home and get settled in afterwards....we get it!  But in order for these events to be a success for ALL children that are signed up, WE ALL as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians, have to step up and help out.  This is a volunteer run swim team. If we all help out it will all get done and get done quickly so we all can get home and settled. 

Helpful Hint #5

Many swimmers like to mark on their arms or legs in pen what event and lane they are swimming in.  This is a great way for them to have the information handy for them to see and not lose it.

Helpful Hint #6

Swim meets can be a fun family event if you bring the necessary survival gear.  You will want to consider bringing the following:

Cap, Goggles, and Team Suit, (Navy Blue jammers for boys and a one piece Navy Blue suit for girls, swim gear is available under the NEWS tab), 2-3 towels, sweats, jackets to stay warm in, sleeping bags or large blankets to lay out on, comfortable chairs to sit in, card games, books, any quiet hobby to occupy time as they wait for their upcoming event, sunscreen and sometimes, bug repellant is needed. Some swimmers like tents, umbrellas, or canopies to be under, WATER and or Gatorade (stay away from soda as it dehydrates you) and healthy snacks to munch on in between races.


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