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Regionals is a weekend long swim meets. 

Regionals is usually about 1/2 way through the summer season and is always located at the Toppenish Pool. 

This meet requires extra time for both the swimmer and parents.  Each team is required to have volunteers (parents, grandparents, etc) sign up to be timers and other duties throughout the weekend.  There is usually a sign up sheet prior to the meet or here on Swimtopia, for you to sign up for a job. 

There are extra fees (not included in swim team dues) to enter this meet, and the swimmers will need to be signed up prior to the meet. There is a master schedule made that you can purchase for about $5 to follow along with the day's events, and see times of other swimmers competing.

Some things to remember:

1. It will be HOT

2. Someone from the team usually goes and ropes off a section for us all to sit as a team in the grass. 

3. If you have a canopy that you'd like to offer for the weekend for shade for all of the team and parents we would appreciate it.

4. You will need to bring drinks and food for the day or weekend for you and your family.  We try to put together a potluck to eat together as a team, but you'll want to bring extras or plan to find a place to grab food and not rely on the potluck as that doesn't happen all of the time AND food preferences differ.

5. Bring chairs and blankets to sit in/on.

6. You will only be around the pool when you are volunteering for your job or when your child swims (usually) so you will want to bring a book, sewing, card games, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, etc...(quiet things) to do while swimmers rest and you wait between events.

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