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NBST By-Laws


Approved for 2018 Season, Revised


Section 1, NAME

The name of this organization shall be the NACHES BARRACUDAS SWIM TEAM hereafter referred to as NBST, which is a summer swim team within the Mid-Valley Swim League hereafter referred to as MVSL.

Section 2, HISTORY

The first written record of NBST was recorded in 1985, as an addition to the MVSL. The league was originally formed as an association of six swim teams which included: Selah, Wapato, Toppenish, Sunnyside, Grandview, and Prosser. Prior to this time there was a loose association of Yakima Valley teams that participated in swimming and diving competition.

Section 3, PURPOSE

To promote, supervise, and conduct the sport of swimming within NBST.

  • To administer and coordinate the competitive swimming program.
  • To formulate and establish all swimming policies and consider procedures and problems relating to the NBST.
  • To provide support to the respective members within NBST.
  • To promote and encourage strong positive parental support for and assistance to all facets of the NBST swimming programs and team functions.
  • To maintain an effective communication program with the members of NBST and MVSL member clubs, their sponsoring organizations, and their communities.
  • Said organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


    The primary objective shall be to promote and develop swimming for the benefit of swimmers of all ages and abilities in accordance with the standards and rules adopted by the NBST and MVSL, ensuring that all interested and/or qualified swimmers shall be encouraged to participate.


    Section 1, TERRITORY

    The territory of NBST shall be comprised of the community’s school district boundary, and those adjacent (common boundary) school districts without established teams that are members of a summer swim league. Common boundary districts to Naches are Highland, West Valley, and Yakima.

    Criteria for inclusion of swimmers, ages 15-18, from common boundary school districts on NBST are as follows:

    A: NBST can have a maximum of two non-year-round swimmers of each gender per age group (i.e. two girls age 15-16 and 2 boys age 15-16). Swimmers beyond 2 per gender per age group must petition the MVSL board for approval.

    B: Any non-resident year-round swimmer age 15 and up must meet the 90 day dry rule and petition the MVSL board to be allowed to swim on NBST.

    C: Rules A and B do not apply to swimmers who have swum the last two consecutive years prior to their age 15 competition year and who participate continuously from that point forward. (To participate shall be defined as meeting the minimum requirements to participate at Championships.)

    D. There are no limitations on swimmers from common boundary school districts except those in the 15-18 age groups as listed above.

    Any variance or change will be subject to MVSL board approval. Variance requests shall be written, signed by the NBST president, and delivered to the league secretary by the second Friday following the first scheduled meet. Year-round swimmers must provide a letter from their year-round coach verifying the date of the last formal practice of attachment with a year-round team.

    Section 2, JURISDICTION

    The MVSL has jurisdiction over the sport of swimming for all participants of NBST as has been delegated to it by the Executive Board of NBST.


    Section 1, MEMBERSHIP

    The membership shall consist of those swimmers and parents that are in good standing with NBST.

    Section 2, DUES

    The annual dues for each member shall be determined by the NBST Executive Board at the winter meeting. Said dues shall be paid by May15th of each calendar year.

    The NBST shall pay the AAU certification fee and the third party liability fee prior to the start of the first practice of the swim season Calendar year.

    Each parent member will be responsible for insuring that all their child participants (swimmers) fees for a youth AAU card are paid prior to the start of practice and competition with NBST and


    To remain in good standing each member shall be required to pay all of their outstanding annual dues and club fees by the end of each swim season at the annual NBST awards picnic.


    Section 1, MANAGEMENT

    The Executive Board shall be made up of eight (8) representatives of the membership of NBST,

    Section 2, DUTIES AND POWERS

    The management of the business affairs of NBST is the responsibility of the Executive Board. Its duties shall include but not limited to the following

    To prepare elections of officers.

    To review and adopt the annual budget and approve all expenditures of NBST.

    To review and amend these Bylaws and Rules.

    To assist in the operational aspects of the NBST swimming program.

    To act in the advisory capacity to the visiting teams of the MVSL swim meets as needed.

    To ratify or rescind policies and programs established by the Executive Board.

    To establish the team practice swim schedule and all related NBST organizational dates and locations.

    To approve or disapprove the admission of any new swim team member to NBST.

    Section 3, VOTING

    The Executive Board shall have seven (7) representatives with voting powers.

    One person–one vote. No proxy voting shall be allowed.

    President or presiding officer shall only vote in the case of a tie.


    Section 1, MEMBERS

    The NBST Executive Board shall consist of elected officers, and the past President.

    Section 2, DUTIES AND POWERS

    The Executive Board shall act for NBST and the membership during the interval between meetings, subject to approval of the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall have these powers and duties:

    To establish swim team programs and policies, subject to approval by NBST Executive Board and to lend direction thereto.

    To prepare and review the annual budget.

    To prepare and provide an effective communication structure for the NBST.

    To call regular and special meetings of NBST Executive Board and/or membership.

    To recommend admission of any new swim team members for membership to NBST.


    Section 1, TITLES

    Elected officers are: President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, Team Manager, Treasurer, Concession Manager, Fundraising Coordinator, and Apparel Manager. The Previous year’s President shall serve as the Chairman of the Board. Should the previous year’s President be unable or unwilling to serve, the most recent Past President willing and able to serve will be appointed to the position by the President, with approval of the Executive Board.


    Any adult member parent of NBST is eligible to hold an office provided they are in no way in a position to govern NBST by contract or person. This is to include, but not limited to: Federal, State, County, City government or sponsors in support of NBST and determination shall be made by the executive board.

    Section 3, TERM OF OFFICE

    Each officer shall hold office for a term of one (1) year and may serve a maximum of four (4) consecutive years. In regard to the office of President, an additional year as “Past President” would be required.

    Any vacancy occurring on the Board prior to the expiration of a term shall be filled as elected by the remaining members of the Board. An officer so elected to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired term of his predecessor.


    Notification of Executive Board positions for nomination of NBST Team officers shall begin from the last day of the Regional swim meet up to two (2) days prior to the annual NBST awards picnic. All nominations shall be forwarded to the Executive Secretary to be included on the voting ballot. The general election of officers shall be voted on by the membership (in good standing) by ballot and certification at the annual NBST awards picnic.

    Section 5, DUTIES

    The duties of the officers are:

    President: The President, with advice and consent of the Executive Board, calls meetings when and where deemed necessary; presides at all meetings of the membership and the Executive Board; oversees Executive board & Coaching issues, coaching contracts and authorizes spending requests. Represents NBST at Naches Park Board, MVSL and Coaches meetings. Serve as representative for NBST at Naches Park Board.

    Vice President: The Vice President shall conduct meetings in the absence of the President, shall hold the position of coordinator for home meet operation along with Team Manager. Recruit and coordinate with the League for training of starters, whistle blowers, stroke judges. The Vice President shall, subject to the approval of the membership, be President-elect for the succeeding year.

    Executive Secretary: The Executive Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of all

    meetings of the Executive Board, conducting official correspondence, sending meeting notices to the membership and supplying them with copies of meeting records on request. Serve as assistant to the President and representative for MVSL and Coach’s meetings. Oversee and organize annual team registration, record and controlling initial and ongoing family membership information and data. Coordinate and record team information and data. Serve as Team MVSL Coordinator for league information and recruitment of membership.

    Team ManagerGeneral Manager: The Team Manager General Manager is responsible for training timers, stagers, place pickers, and runners. Make sure volunteer positions are filled for home meets. Set up, tear down, and clean up of home meets.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for preparing the annual budget, receive all monies, and/or deposit slips for approved expenditures for the Executive Board. Maintain a detailed accounting of receipts and expenditures; prepare all financial reports. Collect and pay fees for team clothing purchases in the name of NBST. Collect and pay all fees for team (for Team registration and for all away meets – Regionals, Championships, etc.)

    Concession Manager: The Concession Manager is responsible for preparing and presenting the annual concession budget. Purchase and stock supplies, manage and train personnel, coordinate Swim-a-Thon pancake feed, coordinate Regionals and Champs potlucks.

    Fundraising Coordinator: The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for oversight and organization of fundraising events for NBST (currently Swim-a-Thon and Splash & Dash 5K). Make contacts with individuals and businesses for sponsorships; order banners; provide a list of sponsors for the Meet Announcer, attend monthly Sportsman Days meetings (February-September).

    Apparel Manager: The Apparel Manager is responsible for selecting Team swimwear (with Board approval); order white shirts for stroke judges/officials; order Team t-shirts/apparel, order Champs t-shirts.

    Past President: The Past President shall advise the current president on league policies and procedures as requested by the President. The Primary purpose of the Past President is to assist in board continuity, and to help provide a historical perspective to discussions of league issues by both the Executive Board and the Membership.


    Section 1, REGULAR

    The NBST shall hold a minimum of three (3) meetings each year; one in the fall, one in winter & one to be held in the spring prior to swim league season. Other meetings may be called at any time with notification to all board members and quorum present.

    Section 2, ORDER OF BUSINESS

    At all meetings of NBST Membership or Executive Board the following is the order of business:

    1. Reading, correction, and adoption of minutes.

    2. Financial report and presentation of bills.

    3. Reports of committees and officers.

    4. Unfinished business.

    5. New business.

    6. Announcements.

    7. Adjournment.

    Section 3, QUORUM

    A quorum for the transaction of business for the Executive Board or election vote shall consist of a simple majority of the active members present.

    Section 4, RULES OF ORDER

    Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall be recognized as the authority governing all meetings of NBST



    The President shall appoint from among the Active Members, subject to confirmation by the Executive Board, the following standing committees:

    Team Registration Committee

    Meet Operation Committee


    The President shall appoint, subject to the confirmation by the Executive Board, such special committees as the President may deem necessary.


    Section 1, DEPOSITS

    All money received by NBST for any purpose shall be deposited to the credit of the NBST in a financial institution or institutions selected by resolution of the Executive Board.

    Section 2, EXPENDITURES

    The Executive Board shall administer the finances of NBST, but shall not incur any obligation in excess of the available cash on hand without authorization of a majority vote by the Executive Board.

    Section 3, REFUNDS

    NBST will refund Registration fee 100% before the first meet of the season then 50% through the end of June. No refunds will be given after July 1st. AAU cards are nonrefundable, as NBST has no control over this entity. Pool Pass purchase and refund will be handled by Naches Parks & Recs only.

    Section 4, SCHOLARSHIPS

    Families who receive a scholarship will receive lower priority if scholarship is applied for the following swim season. NBST will award no more than a 75% scholarship to encourage ownership and commitment to the Team.


    Any swimmer who has been a member of, practiced with, or competed with an organized swim team, other than NBST, or who has been swimming competitively unattached, must wait ninety (90) days before practicing and actively participating on the NBST. Swimmers found in violation of the 90 day ruling will be suspended for the season, reserving the right to appeal through MVSL.


    The operation of the NBST regular league meets shall be governed by the following rules and requirements.

    Section 1, DUAL MEETS

    All regular league meets will be dual meets beginning at 6:30 P.M. as scheduled by the MVSL Governing Body. In case a tri-meet is proposed by NBST, the visiting teams must also approve.

    An NBST home meet shall be considered complete at the end of the 4th event. If halted due to adverse or other unfavorable conditions that might exist, the meet referee, in consultation with coaches, and/or presidents, will decide to cease or continue the meet and reschedule from that event onward. NBST team has the responsibility for rescheduling the meet. This date has to be agreeable with the opposing team.

    The NBST home meets will be governed by USS long course rules except for explicit changes contained in these bylaws.

    Each swimmer shall compete in his or her age bracket for the entire season including league championship. Age groups shall be established by the swimmers’ age on June 1 of that year. Age groupings are as follows:

    ¬ 8 & Under - - - - All individual events with the exception of the I.M. for this age group. They may swim exhibition if there is an open lane in the 10 & under competitions. No teams relay events for this age group.

    ¬ 9 & 10 - - - - - - - All individual and team events.

    ¬ 11 & 12 - - - - - - All individual and team events.

    ¬ 13 & 14 - - - - - - All individual and team events.

    ¬ 15 & 16 - - - - - - All individual and team events, but no team relay events. Swimmers shall swim in relay events as 15-18.

    ¬ 17 & 18 - - - - - -All individual and team events. The summer following the senior year of high school is the last eligible year swimmers 19 and under may participate in this age group.

    Dual meet events shall be started in the following order:

    ¬ 1st Medley Relay–9 – 18

    ¬ 2nd Butterfly–all swimmers

    ¬ 3rd Breaststroke–all swimmers

    ¬ 4th Backstroke–all swimmers

    ¬ 5th Freestyle–all swimmers

    ¬ 6th Freestyle Relay–9 – 18

    ¬ 7th Individual Medley–9 – 18

    Teams will be allowed to move up swimmers one age group, to fill out any ‘A’ relay to meet competition in that age group, with advance notification to the other team’s coach. The opposing team must consist of four swimmers of that same age group in order for the other team to move up swimmers. Swimmers will also be allowed to swim for their own age group relay. The moving up shall include 8 and under swimmers.

    There shall be one heat of I.M.’s in all age groups. In pools with odd-numbers of lanes, an equal number of lanes will be available to each team for the I.M., with the vacant lane available only for an exhibition (non-scoring) swimmer.

    Coaches may swim for a member team if he or she has competed with that team prior to coaching and meets the MVSL qualifications.

    Disruptive behavior are reasons for disqualification from that event as determined by the stoke judge. Intentional delays may be construed as situations in which teams enter swimmers who cannot meet a sub-four (4) minute qualifying time, in any stroke for any pool length.

    Swimmers may compete wearing any suit or cap as long as they are not vulgar or offensive as judged by the meet referee (to include drugs, tobacco, and alcohol).

    Lane assignments: NBST home team has odd lanes, visiting team has even lanes.

    Section 2, OFFICIALS

    Prior to each season the host team for championship will arrange to hold a clinic for starters, timers, stroke judges, coaches, and meet referees. Each team should have one or more representatives present to pass information to their member team. Anyone who is to be a meet official (starter, stroke judge, or meet referee) at dual meets must attend this clinic or be USS certified. They are encouraged to attend a stroke clinic every year, but are required to attend every two years.

    NBST will supply two working stroke judges per meet. Stroke judges will tell each swimmer why he/she was disqualified.

    NBST shall provide two start judges at each home meet. One is to be the deck referee and is to follow the whistle start procedure. Once the swimmers have been brought up onto the starting platform, the deck referee will turn over the race to the start judge.

    1. In case of only one start judge present, the visiting team shall provide the deck referee.

    2. There must be a confirmation of the false start by both of the start judges which should be accomplished without a verbal exchange.

    3. Any swimmer committing a false start shall be disqualified at the end of the race and shall not receive any ribbons or points.

    4. The deck referee should position his/her self alongside the starter and with an unobstructed view of the starting blocks.

    Section 3, SCORING

    Scoring shall be by the following system:

    Individual Events

    ¬ 1st Place 6 points

    ¬ 2nd Place 4 points

    ¬ 3rd Place 2 points

    ¬ 4th Place 1 point

    Relay Events

    ¬ 1st place 5 points

    ¬ 2nd place 0 points

    Dual meet score sheets (3 copies) shall be consistent throughout the MVSL. The original will be sent to the MVSL secretary. One copy goes to the NBST and one copy to the visiting team. Result sheets must be mailed to the MVSL secretary no later than the weekend following each meet.

    All scoring shall be based upon times secured by three (3) watches at each lane. If a time cannot be established by backup clocks provided by the head timer, or a challenge is brought to the attention of the referee by ONLY the coach of the questioning team, or the office staff of the home team, then at the discretion of the referee, the place judges’ placing will be used to assist in the decision.

    A no show by a team will mean a forfeit of the meet unless arrangements have been made to reschedule at least one day prior to that meet, with all 456 points awarded to the non-forfeiting team.

    In case of a tie for the MVSL dual meet standings, the difference in the point spreads between the teams in head-to-head competition shall determine the standings. If this difference again results in a tie, the difference between the total points accumulated by each team against each of the teams involved in the tie shall determine the standings.

    Section 4, AWARDS

    Heat ribbons will be given to first place winners in every heat but the first one.

    The NBST home meet sportsmanship awards for each meet will be given to one team member of each team that shows the best sportsmanship throughout the entire meet.

    There will be an individual sportsmanship award handed out at each NBST home meet. Each team will select a swimmer from its own team that exemplifies the sportsmanship attitude. The swimmers will be honored before the freestyle starts.


    Section 1, ANNUAL APPROVAL

    These bylaws and rules and any revisions thereof, shall be approved annually by the NBST Executive Board


    The fiscal elective year of the NBST shall be from the meeting of the membership at the annual awards picnic meeting.


    These bylaws and rules may be amended by majority vote of the active members present and qualified to vote at any meeting at which a quorum is present.


    Upon the dissolution of NBST, the assets of NBST shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code or the corresponding provision of any future federal tax code, and used exclusively to accomplish the purpose for which NBST was organized.

    I hereby certify that the foregoing Amended and Restated Bylaws of Naches Barracudas Swim Team (NBST) were duly adopted by the Swim Board at meeting held on March 26, 2015.

    Cynthia L. Smith, Executive Secretary

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